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Business Calendars for Long Term Advertising

Market the way Google does.

Google is one of the biggest online marketing organisations on earth, so you would think that they would only use their own systems to sell their product.


Google continuously uses direct mail as a method of promoting their Adwords system to prospective advertisers. Whether they are contacting new advertisers harvested from the phone book, or advertisers that have dealt with them previously, they have an extensive campaign of special offers.

Our offer arrived as a postcard, with a special time limited offer, (as shown above) with a covering letter explaining the benefits of advertising on Google. Being personally addressed to our business, and having a time limit and special offer code, it satisfies the requirements of both exclusiveness and urgency required in any direct marketing piece.

Google recognises the value in having both online and off line marketing when driving your business sales pipeline and has aggressively marketed this way for many years.

Your website is your retail shopfront and Google has the best known shopfront on the internet, but they have harnessed the power of direct mail marketing to make it easy for SME businesses to advertise. Of course you can use direct mail as Google does, to advertise to your target market and drive traffic to your web site or your physical business.

Of course, the only drawback of the time limit is that the direct marketing piece is worthless after the expiry date. If you could get a direct mail piece or promotional gift to stay and advertise your business for a year, it would multiply the value of your marketing by 365!

The answer, Calendars! Whether you are promoting a product or an online or offline business, a fully branded, customised calendar will show case your brand and make your business an accepted and familiar choice when it comes time to buy.

How to get your Promotional Calendars out there.

  • You could send a calendar by mail to a client list as a gift at Christmas time.
  • You could have your calendar distributed to every home or business in a specified or local area.
  • They could be given out at trade shows and client days.

Big Note Marketing calendars are available at a price that makes them a cost effective marketing tool and because they last for a year, they are the best value for money marketing brochure or advertisement available.
Contact us to see for yourself.

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