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Custom Made Advertising Calendars

Advertising Calendars? Why would I need a custom made Advertising Calendar?

Whether you are marketing for a small, medium or large business, you are always going to come up against the eternal problems of relevance and timing.

Relevance – making your content resonate with your audience so that they will feel that it is applicable to them

Timing – having your product or information available when it is time for them to make the buying decision.

Big Note Marketing have made your decision on how to get you’re your advertising in front of your customers and keep it there, easy! With a custom made advertising calendar. A customised advertising calendar can be as branded as your website when it comes to imprinting your business image on your customers mind. It can also show any amount of information and you can even expand it into a catalogue to display as much information as you require.

The relevance issue can be a tricky one, with many people not realising that they will or may have a need for your services in the future. Brochures and catalogues delivered to customers are usually discarded if they don’t have an immediate or perceived future need for your product. A calendar overcomes this because it is always relevant as a family or business tool, providing a ready reference on the wall when someone needs to check dates.

The timing issue is also overcome by a calendar as while it is hanging on the wall, it constantly displays your businesses Logo, Branding and Products.  Every time someone sees it, they are reminded of your business and what it can do for them. If they need your particular product and your name, phone number and product details are hanging in full view, you have the best chance of be given first chance at getting their business.

Think of these scenarios.

Real Estate Agents Advertising Calendar - A Real Estate Agent puts a wall calendar into every home in their target area. Each person in each home will see that calendar up to 15 times a day, particularly if it is used to keep track of family events. The brand and name will become almost second nature to them and be a natural choice when selling their home.

Gymnasium Advertising Calendar - A gymnasium has a wall calendar distributed to homes in its local area. While it is hanging in the home it is a constant reminder of the need to keep fit and the opportunity or offer the gymnasium has to help them get fit.

Hardware Advertising Calendar – A building supplies, hardware or trade supplies business sends an advertising calendar to all trades in their industry in their chosen supply area. The calendar could be placed in the reception area, the workshop or the purchasing area of the business, but it will be promoting the business every time it is seen by someone in that business. It makes it easy to get in touch when they are ready to buy and it make their brand familiar in the mind of the purchaser.

Custom made advertising calendars can be adapted to any situation to promote your brand, your way.

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