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Customised Calendars

Customised Calendars

Now customised calendars can be produced and distributed as a cost effective advertising method. A calendar completely customised to reflect your brand and image is the ideal way to promote Your Brand - Your Way.

Tailoring everything

Everything is customized. It’s your brand, your image, and your product. Why shouldn’t the calendar be according to you? You get to choose each and every aspect of the calendar that you want to get printed- right from the images to the font size and colour. With customised calendars, you get to pick your theme based on your industry or brand. You can showcase your products on the calendar. Your Custom Calendar doesn't have to look like someone else's calendar, just with your name printed in the middle. It is completely custom made for you with your branding over the whole calendar.

A calendar is perhaps the most powerful way of offline advertising. Which other printed media offers continuous display for 365 days? Get a customised calendar and showcase your brand to prospective clients.


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