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Advertising Calendars

Advertise to your customers up to 25  times per day.

You need to advertise to your customers regularly and consistently in order to be in front of them and top of mind when they are ready to buy.

There are many options, Newspapers, Radio, Television or Brochures. All are good and effective options but they also have their limitations.

Newspapers and brochures are fine if they are received at the time when your prospect is looking to buy. But if the time is not right, they are discarded.

Television and radio are highly effective, otherwise our major corporations (think Ford or Coca Cola) wouldn’t spend the many millions of dollars they currently spend on these ads. Not an option for most small and medium businesses where the cost of a 30 second ad can be more than your total advertising budget. Forget about repeating them every day!

So, how do you achieve the best of both worlds, frequency and cost?

 How would it be possible to get the client or prospect to put your brochure up on their wall so they could see it every time they enter the room or office?

 How do you capture that prime piece of advertising real estate where your ad will viewed multiple times each day.

Many smart businesses are turning to calendars. Kept for a year and displaying your message, ready for when it’s needed.

Now calendars come in many varied shapes and sizes, from the humble fridge magnet to elaborate scenic calendars. The quest is to blend your message and brand with the right amount of interesting attractive display. The other point to consider is how to get your home or office audience to interact with your calendar.

Make Your Advertising Calendar Relevant

Think about this. How many times a day do you walk into the kitchen at home or your area of the office or workshop?

How much value would you get if you prospects and customers looked at or used your calendar up to 25 times a day – for a year?

But to be effective it has to be attractive, it has to be relevant and it has to be usable.

Instead of just having an off the shelf calendar you can fully customise your calendar to ensure your customer thinks of your business every time they use it and make it easy for them to use by making the date squares big enough to write notes.

Having your advertisement hanging in prime viewing position every day for a year – You can’t get a more cost effective advertising medium than that!

Big Note Marketing can design your calendar according to your requirements, produce the calendar and even arrange distribution through direct delivery or post if required. Call us today on 1300 244 888 to get your calendar up and working for you.

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