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Partnership Marketing – A Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper Way to Generate Leads

Partnership and Alliance Marketing

Search online for good marketing tactics and you’ll probably find a thousand methods to brand your business. There are many ways in which you can market your products/services, but here we’ll discuss one method that will work for you, no matter which industry you belong to. And it’s pretty simple too.


This strategy is called partnership marketing. In this strategy, you advertise with other businesses that have similar customers as you, but are not your competitors. In return, you promote their products or services.


For example, if you’re a hairdresser, you can create an alliance with a beauty clinic or a fashion boutique. Let’s see how it can benefit your business.


It’s fast

Try finding 1,000 new clients for your business. Now try finding a business that will tell their 1,000 clients about you. Which one do you think is faster? The latter, of course. And all you have to do is call a related business and make an alliance offer. You promote their business, they will promote yours.


It’s cheaper

There are many businesses that have to spend as much as $100 to generate a single lead. By this rate, if you want to generate 1,000 leads, it would cost you $100,000. It’s just not feasible. With the right partnership marketing alliance, you can generate thousands of leads at practically no cost at all. You might have to spend a few hundred bucks for brochure printing, but that’s all you have to shell out.


More effective

Traditional marketing isn’t always effective. Why? Because when you go to people and advertise your business, they feel skeptical. However, if your business is promoted by someone who has already gained their trust, it gets more momentum. This is also called endorsed marketing and is much more effective than any other type of marketing.


Helpful to customers

Don’t forget that your customers are also going to benefit from partnership marketing. When they’ll be looking for the services offered by you, they’ll know where to go. Customers often have a hard time finding the right provider. With your credentials accessible to them, they can contact you without having to look for other businesses in your niche. And if they like what you offer, they’ll keep coming back for more.


Branding opportunity

By forming an alliance, you’ll be able to create a brand. And all you have to do is place your brochure or customized calendar on your partners’ wall. When their customers visit their offices, they’ll see your brand name, and this will build awareness.


Partnership alliance is not just easy, but highly fruitful as well. If you create the right alliances, you can easily build a huge client base in almost no time.


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