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Marketing by Asking Questions

Marketing by Asking Questions When you take a consultant approach to selling you go from being a sales person to someone who is there to help. Asking questions will: • Allow you to take control of the conversation and process, • Focus on the client instead of your product or you, • Become the expert…
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Business Calendars for Long Term Advertising

Market the way Google does. Google is one of the biggest online marketing organisations on earth, so you would think that they would only use their own systems to sell their product. Wrong! Google continuously uses direct mail as a method of promoting their Adwords system to prospective advertisers. Whether they are contacting new advertisers…
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Continuous Marketing – The Rule of Seven

Getting Noticed In business we face a constant challenge to get our message across to our customers and potential customers. While we would all like to think that when we send our information to a prospect, they will keep it until they need it, this is rarely the case. Unless they are a hot prospect…
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Advertising Calendars

Advertise to your customers up to 25  times per day. You need to advertise to your customers regularly and consistently in order to be in front of them and top of mind when they are ready to buy. There are many options, Newspapers, Radio, Television or Brochures. All are good and effective options but they…
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