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Charity & Fundraising Calendars

The Perfect Calendar for Fundraisers and Charities

Your non-profit organization fights for various causes. You help people by standing beside them. However, you need money to function. This money is collected by means of fundraisers where people can lend a helping hand.

Your fundraiser needs to be able to drive home your point to your audience. What is the simplest way to capture your audience’s attention for a longer span? With a personalized fundraiser calendar.

A personalized fundraising calendar can be a useful item for everyone. Your calendar would be on your donor’s wall for 365 days and will work as a great fundraising tool for your NGO. Whatever may be your cause, a fundraising calendar offers unique opportunities to collect funds for your noble cause.

School fundraising calendars
Looking to raise funds for the local sports team or a very active drama club? Parents and students alike will appreciate the simplicity of a fundraising calendar that presents them with countless good times and memories.

Fundraising calendars for charities and non-profit organizations
Memorable images will mark every page of your calendar. Spread the news about your cause through these magical images, all year long.

Community fundraising calendars
Whether it’s a small community sports league or your neighborhood church group, funds are essential to carry out all their activities. Raise funds through a fundraising calendar and give everyone in the neighborhood a chance to extend their support to your local community for an entire year.

With a calendar, you not only create the necessary funds required for your non-profit or charity, you even spread awareness about your cause. Your message remains in the public eye all year round.